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Did you know?

Mosquitoes are one of North America’s most dangerous pests? Some species transmit West Nile virus and other viruses (such as Eastern Equine Encephalitis and Zika. These dangers apply to both human and pets. ) that result in seasonal outbreaks in North America during summer and fall.

Increased outdoor time may lead to increased experiences with mosquitoes

They are attracted to areas where humans and other animals are present, due to our body heat and the carbon dioxide we exhale, two of their needs.

Mosquitoes in the Home

When mosquitoes find their way inside your home through an open door or window, they usually rest in dark, hidden areas, but will come out at night in search of a blood meal. Homeowners sometimes find mosquitoes under sinks or in closets and laundry rooms.

You must be well-equipped for mosquito control, to rid homes of the pest and provide maximum protection.

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Best Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp 2021
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